THAR SHE BLOWS… and the hottest day in Tampa on April 28 – ever

Mel Rodgers Mt. St. Helens

Volcano expert Mel Rodgers explodes with knowledge – or the lack there-of.
She cautions that no one can predict lava flow or many other basic movements and explosions of volcanoes. Data stretches over millineum will be needed.
All this, while the Tampa, Florida thermometer hit 97 degrees – an all time, never before been recorded record heat for April 28.

And all 3 speakers spoke to a sold out crowd – outside on a deck – with no air conditioning.
(The air conditioner pictured here does not work – and there was no engineer in the house….)

Here kitty kitty

US Park Dennis Giardina 1

Dennis Giardina of the US Parks Service and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission
tells how the Florida Panther population is on the rise. Tracking with a collar that falls off after several years, the data is proving valuable in getting the panther population back on track.

Where is Planet 9? All this and a latte too!

Prof Antonio Paris Planet 9Friday Afternoon
Foundation Coffee
Tampa, Fl

A taste of Science Tampa – 5 days of forays into science – and beer – and wine – and coffee
– came to a close with a look into space.
Professor of Astronomy Dr. Antonio Paris captivates a sold-out crowd of would-be science nerds.
Mining the nuggets of information the crowd learned thatPluto is no longer a planet because it doesn’t clear its orbit –
the way the 8 other planets including earth – do – primarily because of the gravitational pull of Planet 9.
According to Dr. Paris, for the first time in history, scientists are charting outside our known universe.