“You have just been…”

80EF0FDB-DC69-4003-91DE-5B1641B5A57DEducating the audience about new research which shows the sugar – fuctose – shrinks melanoma cancer cels in mice, DR. ERIC LAU, a cancer biologist and assistant professor at the Moffitt Cancer Center, explains how thinking out of the box – and same great visual aids – have led to new pathways in cancer research.

“Who’s to say”

ECC23957-637C-4ACC-A036-3CE2020C0B87Speech-language pathologist Marissa Voors, teaches an audience of 100 about the five phases of language, emphasizing that the first phase of language -conceptualization – cannot be quantified by current science. However, language planning skills are formed when humans are very young – around 3 years old, and involve a brain area called Broca’s area, where names are stored.