Devil’s Peak

The north-facing lower slopes of Devil’s Peak are situated near the suburb of Observatory. The slope runs into the Liesbeeck River and, as such much of present-day lower Observatory was a marshy estuary formed by the rivers, where buffalo, hippo, elephant, zebra, jackals, antelope, lions and leopards were once prevalent. 
Today it is an alternative part of town, with ‘New Age’ style stores, and South Africa’s only anarchist infoshop.  It is popular with students and is affectionately known as “obs”. 
During the years of apartheid, Observatory was one of the few de facto ‘grey’ suburbs where all races lived

One thought on “Devil’s Peak”

  1. Hope you had a chance to climb one of the lookouts and have an amazing view of the city, it’s def on my bucket list! Pics seem great, bet you are enjoying a lot. Loads of hugs.

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