“Here’s looking at you kid!”

Pictured here at Le Magasin Solidaire et Equitable, Christophe Labesse proudly represents women entrepreneurs all over Morocco who come together to sell spices, traditional health remedies, food stuffs and many different types of honey.  Currently, the NGO women-owned cooperative consists of about 50 women. The storefront in Casablanca is hard to find but worth the effort. Behind the upscale Hotel Sofitel in the parking lot, a one story building without a sign holds a treasure trove of Moroccan-produced products. Check out their web sit at Le Magasin Solidaire et Equitable (http://www.bladlkhir.ma/fr/and press translate. Ex-pat Kathy Kriger, owner of Rick’s Cafe in Casablanca (and a native of Portland, Oregon) told me about this resource. She sources the coffee served at her Casablanca “must-visit” restaurant – Rick’s Cafe – from this cooperative.  

Magasin Equitable Casablanca

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