No standing on the wing…

In 77 days, I traveled 64,968 miles;
139 hours on a plane; 66 additional hours in airports waiting for planes.
 An estimated 7 hours on ferries; 10 hours on buses; 20 hours in cars.
I walked an average of 4.5 miles a day. Flying home…not once did I have the urge to stand on the wing…

No standing on the wing

5 thoughts on “No standing on the wing…”

  1. The power of love and and determination. When I think of all you have been confronted with in these last years, .. grief, mortality, change, and fear… and to see where you have been . I am grateful you took me there with your incredible photos.
    I bow to you. gab

  2. what an incredible journey Janice — thanks for taking us along! I want to hear the stories that go with your beautiful photographs

  3. Loved the experience of looking at the awesome photography and your captions. Thank you for sharing.

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